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Structural Health Monitoring

Monitoring, a very common term used in - I think every field present today. But monitoring what? The answer is a "system". Why do we need to monitor? To check for the changes happening in the system as the day passes by and to remain prepared for the future changes. For example let us talk about health monitoring. What do you do when you feel sick? You go and see a doctor. What does doc do? He examines you and from the diagnosis s/he prescribes you some medicine. But is that it? No, he calls you again and again till s/he feels that your are good to go. When does he leave you? When s/he is certain that you are perfectly fine and there are no more negative changes happening in your body, till then s/he "Monitors" you.  He checks every other day or week or may be month, just to see the changes that are going through in your body. If s/he stops monitoring your health in such a way, then I am pretty sure it will take longer to get yourself some cure. So this is the imp