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What do Opera singers and Structures have in common?

Have you ever heard or watched an opera singer perform on stage? The way they break a wine glass just with the help of sound waves is amazing. Wait, I just said waves, and you know what kind of properties waves have. One is the frequency of wave and the other is amplitude. Now frequency of the waves will tell me how many waves will pass through a point in one second. If you want to visualize it, then take a tub of water and throw a small stone in it with one of your finger far away in the tub from where you threw the stone. Now, count the number of waves that pass next to your finger in a second. This number of waves passing through the finger per second is known as frequency of waves. Wine shown for illustrative purposes only. In reality there is no wine and empty glass only as wine will dampen the vibration of glass. Before we proceed I would recommend you to watch this video explaining resonance, damping and dynamic amplification. Now let us go back to sound waves and