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Madness - Tensegrity - Bridge construction

I was bored after coming from work, I wished to refresh my mind so that I can do some work so I downloaded a game called Bridge construction from Google play. At first I though the game would be easy and it was easy in the beginning. But then I started realizing about what can I learn from the game. As within a limited budget I had to construct a bridge. Also using the limited type of material. So I really gave a thought. I started thinking about how can I construct a best possible bridge, should I use a truss or suspend it using a cable. I started making influence line diagram to find out the relative maximum force that can possible act in certain region of bridge. It was fun and a good learning experience. Let me share some of the thoughts that I gave on the application. In the structure above, I need to cover the total valley length of 60m and I was allowed to use concrete and wood with a support at 25m from one side. I just erected a concrete column at the assigned