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Structural Madness was founded by two stupid structural engineers, who are basically crazy and too much into structural behavior and solid mechanics. We write about intuitive structural engineering and we try to make sense in what we say in an elegant manner. 

Jinal Doshi is currently a Project Engineer at DCI Engineers, Seattle. His main interest lies in Performance based design and progressive collapse analysis. He like those subjects because it helps him to evaluate the structures in a much more sophisticated way and can have higher confidence in his design and eliminate any performance issues related to the building. He did his masters from University of Southern California, LA, USA (2014-2015) and Bachelors from National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat, India (2009-2013).

He likes writing blogs about structural engineering because he likes what he is doing and for him, it is his hobby to understand structures. He likes new challenges and take them head on. So you will see many posts from his side, may be one every couple of weeks. He mainly writes about seismic design of structures as he likes to deal with dynamics.

Let us meet the other guy. He co-founded Structural Madness with Jinal Doshi when they both were in Graduate school. Jinal and Darshan know each other since their undergrad and are very good friends.

Darshan Pala is currently a structural engineer at Saiful Bouquet Structural Engineers based in Pasadena. His areas of expertise include Mechanics of Solids, Structural Analysis, Deign of RCC and Steel structures. He is also in love with numbers and is always amazed with what we can do with them. He did his Masters from Purdue University, Indiana, USA (2013-2014) and Bachelors from National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat, India (2009-2013).

Darshan Pala likes to write because he can explain in depth and he also likes to write about structural engineering. You will see that more of his articles will be about metaphorical structural engineering with some mathematical equations associated with them. 


  1. Happy to see someone from my batch teaching structural concepts to everyone in such detailed manner.
    Do you have your structural consultancy firm?

  2. Hello. I would love to reference your nice image of modes combining to form the response of the system. I do not want to do so without permission, however. Would use of that single image in my lecture slides be allowed. I am teaching a structural vibrations class (college level). I understand if the answer is no.

    Thanks for your time,


    1. You can use it for educational purposes. We take no objection in that. After all, education should be free for all. :)


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