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Introduction to Structural Madness

Structural Madness, the name of the consulting firm that came across my mind. This is the name that I wish to have when I will be opening up my own structural engineering firm. I love designing structures. I love to analyse them. My passion towards the subject is so strong that almost everyday I am surrounded by it. Structural engineering to me is not just an engineering involving mathematical equations, but for me it is an art. If you are a good artist then no one can stop you from being a good structural engineer.

Structural madness, as the word itself says a thousand words. Let me share some famous structures in my first blog,

Bird's Nest: Designed by Arup, located in Beijing , China.

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge: World's longest suspension bridge located across Akashi Straight, Japan

Burj Al Arab hotel, World's tallest hotel located in Dubai, UAE 

Golden Gate Bridge, One of the oldest suspension bridges across the globe, SF, CA, USA

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain. (Wonder created by Frank Gehry) 

Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala lumpur, Malaysia

Wills Tower, Chicago, Illinois, USA (Fazlur Rahman Khan absolute genius)

Shanghai world financial center, Shanghai, China 

Taiper 101, Taiwan, Japan

This is just the beginning, in the upcoming post I will share information about various wonders created, how they were created, the reason behind it, all the details and ingenious engineering included in it. Apart from that I will keep on posting the basics of structural engineering, where you can learn the behavior of structural members.

Stay Tuned. Have a nice day..!!


  1. You have made a structurally perfect beginning!

  2. There is always a method in madness. Unless you are possessed, you can't create better things! I pray, you stay mad and possessed by structural engineering, to bring out the marvels in it!!

    1. Thank you so much professor. Your guidance and our passion is combined over here, and so here's a positive reaction.

  3. Dude !!! Book marked your BLOG ... wish to be a regular reader . Keep going !!

  4. fantastic!fantatic!fantastic!....was looking for such blog from while,even subscribed your's youtube channel...keep going !!!


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